Sometimes, people with the worst pasts end up creating the best futures


Zhou Mi and Kyuhyun needs a rap solo in Super Show 6

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Aaare you fram Japin, China, Shingapoh, Hongkong, Ameerica, Italia, Franceu, Seupain, Turkey and Seoooul? If you come here Yeouido MBC right now, I mean,before 2am, you can meet us..and get dericious food made by Donghae & Eunhyuk oppa. If you can come, prease send messagey to us righnow, the numba iz shahp eight oh! oh! two! Then, arrr send back to you inveeting...inviting messagey. I LOVE YOU KOREA!  

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"idols, even if they have been stabbed in the back, can only look forward at their fans, they cannot look behind. even if their backs have been badly scarred and mutilated, they definitely cannot look back. because once they look back, the fans in front of them will see the wounds. they will worry, and they will cry."
— Lee Hyukjae (via hylammiex)



Leeteuk looks totally like their mother. 

That smile and the grip he has on that 5-year old boy on his right. Totally protective towards his youngest.

This looks more like a Family Portrait rather than a group picture.

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ELF singing “when you cry"  together with donghae.

Eunhae tour in kobe.

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